It is estimated that around $80 billion is given away each year in Australia, the bulk of which comes from government. In order to attract more funds into the region, City of Darwin is providing a localised grants discovery solution for Darwin businesses and communities.

Our aim is to increase community awareness of the grants available from all levels of government and the private sector, and to increase the number of successful applications. To this end, we have invested in a range of online services and support measures to give you the best possible chance of success.

Services include:

  • Darwin Grant Finder – online grants finder
  • Darwin Socio-economic Insights – includes useful economic and community data
  • Economic Impact Report – measures the direct and flow-on impacts of your project
  • Tourism Impact Report – measures the direct and flow-on impacts of your project
  • Grant workshops – tips and tricks for Darwin businesses and community, available on request.

The Economic Development team is available to help familiarise you with the online tools and discuss your next application. Please email Ms Cherry Cai at

Darwin Grant Finder

The Darwin Grant Finder provides free unlimited access to grants, awards for businesses and community. You are invited to use this powerful search engine to find relevant funding opportunities from three tiers of government; City of Darwin, Northern Territory Government and Commonwealth Government, as well as private/corporate grants. You can even set up your own email alerts so you are the first to know when a suitable grant becomes available.

Remplan professional data analysis

Since 1999, the team at Remplan has supported national clients with rigorous research in the area of regional and urban economics, demographic analysis, strategic planning and forecasting. Through access to software tools and reporting, their work supports informed decision making and allocation of public investment and resources.

The City of Darwin has access to the full version of Remplan Economy with economic data for 114 industries, economic impact modelling, tourism event assessment, workforce insights and business analysis. We can provide socio-economic profiling and impact reports through the professional data analysis platform to help articulate the changing needs and/or increased demand relevant to your proposed project or activity across 114 industry sectors. Get in touch and we will provide you with an up-to-date report to support your application, including

  • Socio-economic Insights – Darwin profile
  • Economic Impact Report – the potential flow-on effects of your project on the local economy in terms of regional output, employment, wages and salaries, and value-added.
  • Tourism Impact Report – the potential flow-on impacts of your tourism activity on the local economy, including Tourism Research Australia and Australian Bureau of Statistics data, and direct expenditure data from local events.


Industries Tourism Workers Trends Covid 19
Employment Employment Age Gross Regional Product Impact on Employment
Output Output Education Population Impact on Output
Wages & Salaries Wages & Salaries Hours worked Jobs Impact on Wages & Salaries
Regional Exports Value Added Income Unemployment Impact on Wages & Salaries
Regional Imports Visitor Expenditure Occupation Building Approvals (Value) Impact on Value-Added
Value Added Visitor Expenditure Per Dollar Method of Travel to Work Building Approvals (Count)
Gross Regional Product Language Spoken at Home Building Counts (Staff)
Place of Usual Residence Business Counts (Turnover
Place of Usual Work


Grant workshops

The City of Darwin is committed to helping local businesses and communities successfully apply for grants. Grant writing can be a daunting task, but with a bit of extra training and support the process will get easier and your application will stand out from the rest. Through engagement with funding bodies and grant writers, we can provide you with the guidance and resources to succeed. Workshops for Darwin businesses and communities are available on request.

Our useful Information

For Federal and Territory specific Grants information, visit:

Federal Government Grant Finder

Northern Territory Government Grant Finder